Acerca de diseño y desarrollo web wordpress manresa

About Me

Acerca de diseño y desarrollo web wordpress manresa

About Me

If you are looking for a Web Designer and Developer , who is passionate about innovative design and the e-commerce revolution, I am one of your best options.
Do you want to take care of the maintenance of your website and be able to devote to what adds value to your business?
I offer you all my knowledge and experience to make it so; I provide stability and tranquility.
My name is David Pérez and I am dedicated to the design and development of Websites. Web Pages for Small Companies, Entrepreneurs and Personal Purposes.
My goal is make you attract and retain customers through Internet and make you grow.

Where I come from?

From a young age I was interested in the world of computer programming. In those times, in the late 80’s, my parents detected this concern and bought me my first computer for Christmas. An Amstrad CPC 6128 with disquette. As an operating system it incorporated the mythical GW-BASIC, which would be the precursor of MS DOS.

With that simple computer, with very little RAM, I started in this programming. I got to program my own version of the ping-pong game, after, as expected, I made many mistakes.

I remember spending whole evenings typing code lines, sometimes more than 500. And everything so that in the end, after writing “run” as executor code, I got a “syntax error in line xx”.

WordPress Web Designer

Like everything in life, with practice I was improving and making fewer mistakes.

Since then the world of programming has not done more than advance and move forward. And in a dizzying way.

My professional career was not directed in this direction but towards the automotive sector. And more specifically in the areas of Purchasing and Logistics. Areas that have provided me with solid knowledge of industrial business operations, as well as negotiation skills.

Everything and that I never exercised professionally as a programmer or computer, I always had a close relationship with all of them.

It was very common for me to see me asking them for improvements in the ERPs I used, which I saw poor in many aspects.

After 22 years of profession and tired of others taking the rewards for my work I decide to change.


Where I go?

I redefined my professional path and I turn it towards what had been a passion as a child: computer programming.

I complete a 600 hours course in design and development of web pages at the prestigious ADAMS academy in Barcelona.

With this I obtain the certificate of professionalism IFCD0110 with Excellent grade.

And with this knowledge and all my energy I embark on the adventure of being an entrepreneur.

I have specialized in the WordPress platform due to its versatility and ease of use for the end user.

The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce is an excellent solution for your Website and your OnLine Shop.

I also create web pages with traditional tools for simpler Websites.

So you already know a little more about the person who is behind this Website.

If you have found interesting everything that I have explained to you, do not hesitate, Let’s Talk!.

Tell me, we will give it shape, we will make it real and profitable.

Changes are challenges and sources of inspiration.

Tell me about them and I will make it your Website.

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