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Do you Want to Make your Users or Customers Loyal in an Easy Way?

People who make their purchases on Internet have to search Google for their favorite stores.

What do you think if we put our online store on the desktop of their smartphones to don’t have to search for us every time?


What is a Progressive Web App?

Smartphones have long been here to stay.

The most common thing nowadays is to see the everybody with their smartphone, because we can carry out the majority of daily economic transactions.

It has become an indispensable element, and accompanies us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gone are the times when online shopping had to be done from home.

A Progressive Web App, it becomes like a website or online store that we download to our smartphone.

It’s like having a direct access to our favorite website or eCommerce, thus avoiding having to search on Internet every time we want to access it.

With this the time savings for our Clients is considerable apart from many other advantages.

Why does your Business Need a Progressive Web App?

Diseño y Desarrollo de Progressive Web App

Quick Access

It allows you to be able to have your business integrated in your Clients smartphone as one of their other applications. You will have your logo on an icon on the desktop of their smartphones.

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Customer Loyalty

By being inside the smartphones of your Clients you can retain them because they don’t have to search for you on Internet every time they want to buy your products or hire your services.

Diseño y Desarrollo de Progressive Web App

Incentive the Purchase

You can communicate with your Clients directly thanks to the pop-up notifications. You can inform them about your promotions and news. There’s no better way to have your Clients update about you.

Diseño de Progressive Web App

Increase Sales Number

Overcome the moment of hot purchase due to the doubt that your Clients could have when placing an order and the possibility that they place it to your competition for not remembering the name of your eCommerce.

Desarrollo de Progressive Web App

Access WITHOUT Internet

It is not necessary to have an Internet connection to access and consult the content of your eCommerce, website or blog. With this feature you get a greater loyalty of your Clients. It updates when your Customer have an Internet connection.


100% Effective

You will have a direct channel with all Clients that have downloaded the App on their smartphones. Forget about sending mass email campaigns with low conversion rates. You can focus your marketing efforts to retain the people who has downloaded the app.

Professional Web Application Design Service

Focus on your business and let me do the rest

One type of Web Application for each Need

Starter Plan

My cheapest option for freelancers, small businesses and personal blogs. Creation of a customized progressive web app where you can show who you are and your services on Internet in a simplified and professional way, without having to make a high investment. Custom icon on the desktop.

Avant Plan

It is the most advisable option for all types of companies and businesses that want to have a good presence on Internet, and want to be able to send notifications to users who have the application installed on their smartphones to inform them of their news. Creation of a custom progressive web app.

Premium Plan

Ideal for companies or businesses that take the sale of their products and services on Internet very seriously. Design of a custom progressive web app with up to 3 languages ​​to have an international presence. You can sell your products and services and build customer loyalty thanks to the sending of emerging notifications.

How I work the Progressive Web App Design?

I have a robust work system that allows me to control all phases in the creation of progressive web app. I explain them below in five simple steps:

01Tell Me Your Idea

First of all you contact me either through the contact form, phone or WhatsApp. In this first contact you explain me, in detail, what you need for your APP.

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wordpress pwa

02Quotation Submission

Once I have all your requirements and the features you want for your APP, I send you a personalized quotation by email detailing all the services you have been interested in.

03Quotation Approval

Once I have sent you my quotation detailing all the features of your APP, it is time to review it in detail and once verified that everything is correct you have to validate it..

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04Progressive Web App Design

As soon as you validate my quotation I will request all the information and data necessary to design and develop your APP according to the validated quotation.

05PWA Delivery

Once I have shown you the APP finished according to your requirements, I proceed to its publication on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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2022 Price List of Service of Progressive Web App Design

Below you can find my plans and their prices. Choose the option that best suits your budget and needs for your APP:

* Prices without VAT.

Hire a Professional PWA Design!

If you want to show your business on the Internet, sell your products, and be at the desk of your Customers’ smartphones, fill out the following contact form and tell me what you need. We will talk about your new project and send you a budget according to your needs.

Política de Privacidad

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I take care about the privacy of your data. Here you can see my Privacy Policy.

By sending me a message through the form, you are providing me with personal data, so my obligation is to guarantee you a good protection of them in compliance with the GDPR. Detail of its use:

  • Responsible: ​David Pérez
  • Purpose: Give you an answer to your request made through the contact form.
  • Legitimation: ​Your express consent.
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  • Rights: You have the right to access, rectify, limit and delete your data whenever you want.

Why You Should Contract My PWA Design Service?

By Accessibility

I put at your disposal several ways of communication: phone, WhatsApp or email so you can contact me easily and you can explain me your project or clarify any questions you may have when carrying it out. I’m here to help you.

By Trust

Hiring any of my services, whether in web design, online stores or its maintenance, I assure you that you can always count on someone expert and trustworthy, to advise you in a personalized way, and adapting to any need your business may have.

By Knowledge

I have been designing and developing websites, online stores and App’s for many years, always using the most current tools and constantly training to be able to always offer the latest technical advances in web design and ecommerce.

By Price

I offer you my services in web design and other services necessary for its proper functioning at a very competitive price. You can centralize all the services related to your website in the same supplier.

By Experience

I provide web pages and their auxiliary services since 2005. I have worked in many projects such as your for different sectors, getting specific knowledge and a very broad view of the market.

By Flexibility

I am a small studio of design and development of web pages, online stores and App’s. I do not manage many projects at the same time to not sacrifice the personalized attention that each of my clients needs and thus be able to offer you a closer follow-up.

By Image

I work only and exclusively for your satisfaction. My web designs are moderns, intuitive and always oriented to let your visitors get a good impression of your company and want to buy your products and services.

By Security

I take care that your website and online store are always available to your customers. On Internet there are hackers and spammers dedicated to attacking online businesses and you have to have the necessary tools to protect yourself from them.

By Tranquility

I work with you your project to finish it as you want. You have a highly qualified and professional web designer, oriented to solve any doubts you may have and to provide you with the solutions that your online business needs.

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What does NO include My PWA Design?

Domain and Hosting

The price of the domain and hosting is not included in my web design service. You can hire the domain and hosting on your own or hire me to host it on one of my servers for a very competitive price.

Text Writing

No one better than you knows your business. For this reason I do not include the writing of texts. In case you need help when writing the texts of your website, tell me and I will send you a quotation for the writing of your texts.

Graphic Design

The web design service does not include the design of logos, custom illustrations or photo retouching. In case you need it, indicate it to me and I will send you a quotation for these works.

Changes are challenges and sources of inspiration.

Tell me about them and I will make it your APP.

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