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SEO Optimization for Search Engines

What SEO Means?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the search results list, such as Google.

SEO works on technical aspects such as optimizing the structure of a web page or eCommerce.

It also applies to content in order to make them more useful and relevant to users.

Why SEO is Important?

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If you're Invisible NOT exist

The optimization SEO web positioning is vital to be visible on Internet. Having a very nice website or online store does not mean that you are going to have more visits or sales. It also has to be well structured so that search engines like Google can understand and show it in their results.

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International Markets

If you want to have an international presence you must manage seo optimization correctly for each market in which you want to have a presence. Consumers in each country have a specific way to perform searches on Google. This factor should be taken into consideration.

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Increase Conversions

Whatever the ultimate goal, increasing the visibility and traffic of your online business increases conversions. Thanks to a good web SEO optimization we can go from having mere visitors to potential buyers. The correct architecture of the website will also be of vital importance to consolidate the sale.

SEO Optimization Services

Focus on your business and let me do the rest

Characteristics of My SEO Optimization Service

My SEO website service for web pages in WordPress and online stores in WooCommerce includes the following works:

Search Engines

Study and research of the most important search engines like Google. The algorithms of the search engines are constantly changing and for this reason it is necessary to keep updated to not lose the acquired web positioning and make the necessary modifications.

Keywords Research

I carry out an investigation of the most relevant keywords for your company. This SEO analysis allows me to know the habits of your Clients when they look for services or products like yours. With this information I can propose strategies to improve your web positioning.

Architecture and Content

The architecture of your website affects SEO optimization. Design and development with Google robots in mind to let they easily access all content. Titles, texts and images should work according to the study conducted on the keywords.

Loading Speed

That your website has a good loading speed is very important to improve SEO web. I make the necessary optimizations to load as quickly as possible to score better on search engines such as Google.

Link Building

It’s about getting other websites name and link us. It is a very important factor to position a website since search engines such as Google take into account external quality links to our website or online store.

SEO White Hat

There are many techniques to position a web page. The most aggressive or Black Hat that offer short-term results are usually penalized by search engines. I only use White Hat techniques for web positioning: slower but safer.

A Web Optimization Plan for Every Need

Starter Plan

My cheapest option to have a good organic positioning in search engines such as Google. It includes the study of keywords.

Avant Plan

It is the most balanced quality / price option. In addition to the study of keywords I also include the writing of SEO texts.

Premium Plan

Perfect for companies that want to have a high impact on Internet. I include the design of Google Ads campaigns.

How I work the SEO Optimization?

I have a strong work system that allows me to control all phases in the SEO Optimization process of web pages. I explain them below in five simple steps:

01Website Analysis

I carry out an initial consultancy to know in what situation your website or online store is and with respect to your competition.

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02Strategy Definition

Once we know where we are, I define the assumable and realistic objectives in the short and medium term.


I make the necessary modifications and incorporate the new elements that we have defined.

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posicionamiento web seo

04Monthly Report

At the end of each month I send you a report with the metrics of the visits received so you can see their progress.

05Tracking and Advance

As the objectives set are consolidated, we will define more important new ones.

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2022 Price List of SEO Optimization Service

Below you can find my plans and their prices. Choose the option that best suits your budget and needs to SEO to your website:

* Prices without VAT.

Don’t let your competence advance you!

If you want to be above your competition and receive more visits and potential Clients, fill in the following contact form and tell me what you need. We will talk about how I can help you improve the positioning of your website or online store according to your needs.

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FAQS about My SEO Optimization Service

How long will it take to see results?

It depends on many factors such as the state in which your website or online store is located and how busy your sector is. Generally no significant results are seen before 6 months. It also depends on the plan you choose.

How long do you recommend working SEO?

The work to position a website or online store never ends. The algorithms of the search engines are constantly changing and the search criteria also, so it is a job that must be enduring over time.

Can you guarantee me to be Number 1?

I can not guarantee it. In fact, nobody can guarantee it. I advise you to distrust who does it. There are many factors involved in the positioning, and some of them we cannot control.

Does the service have permanence?

Altough that has no permanence and you can cancel the service whenever you want, it is advisable to see significant results keep it active for a minimum of 6 months.

Can my website be penalized?

All SEO Optimization jobs are focused to your website or online store not being penalized, quite the opposite. I work SEO White Hat just to avoid this.

What payment methods do you accept?

In any case they will be reflected in the quotation I send you. In general, an invoice will be issued at the beginning of each month for the services provided to be paid by bank transfer.

Changes are challenges and sources of inspiration.

Tell me about them and I will make it your Website.

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