Diseño de aplicación web

Web App.
WPA Developer

Diseño de aplicación web

Web App.
WPA Developer

Do you need an App?

If you are looking for a passionated for the Website Design and Web App and the e-commerce revolution, I am one of your best options.

What is a Web App?

It’s been a while since smartphones came to stay. The most usual thing today is to see everyone with his or her smartphone, since with it we can perform most everyday economic transactions. It has become an indispensable element, and accompanies us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gone are the times when online purchases had to be made from home.

A Web App, it becomes like a web page that we download in our smartphone. It’s like having a direct access to our favorite Website, thus avoiding having to search the Internet every time we want to access it.

With this the time saving for our Clients is considerable apart from many other advantages.

Why a Web App?

According to the “V Report on Apps in the US”, issued by “The App Date”, US is the leader in the Wordld with a rate of 66% in the installation of Web Applications. This data shows us that they have gone from being something accessory to being something essential. Everyone has their Apps from their bank, favorite clothing store, restaurants, etc.

Given the strong relevance that smartphones have achieved when making purchases or booking services, no company should ignore it.

Having a Web App helps us to have our Clients in their pockets. This is very helpful for them because they can save us having to search us on Internet.

This comfort also becomes an advantage in front of our competition, in the case that they do not have a Web App.

I am your best option to create your Web App

If we want to be able to be in our Customers’ smartphone, in their pockets, our Web App must be better than the rest. There are millions of Web App in the different emarkets, but how many do you have installed in your mobile? Only the most usable, practical and attractive win Olympus from the user’s pocket.

You tell me your project and how you want it to be, and I take care to put everything in your Web App in its place so that it is exactly as you imagine it. From your head to the desk of your customers’ smartphones.

What does my Services include in Web App Design?

Navigate Menus

I create the navigation menus that your Web App needs to make it is easily accessible to visit. Your potential customers will value well-structured menus.


Pages Creation

I Create and Design the pages that your Web App needs. It is convenient that you have a generic idea of ​​how many are going to compose it, because this point is one of the most important to budgeting my work.

Theme Installation

There is a large broad catalog with many free WordPress themes for all sectors. If there is none that convinces you do not worry, I have a large collection of Premium themes.

WooCommerce Installation

Installation of WooCommerce to your Website to turn your Web App into an Online Shop fully operational. You can manage all operations in a simple way.

Resources Optimization

I make the necessary adjustments to make your Web App has an optimal loading speed. Both visitors and search engines have this value very much in mind.

Tax configuration

Depending on where you are going to make the sale of your products or services, they will have one type of tax or another. I will set it up all of them to let you work all over the world without having to worry about it.

Shipping Zones Configuration

Configuration of the shipping costs that you will charge to your customers depending on the location where you have to send the goods.


Automatic Billing Configuration

For each sale of products or services, your delivery note and invoice will be generated automatically. This will allow you to save a lot of time.

Payment Methods Configuration

Set up PayPal and Stripe (your customers can make their payments conveniently with a credit card), bank transfers and cash on delivery.

Publication of 5 Products or Services

I will publish the first 5 products or services as a guide to teech you how to do. You will see that it is very simple.


Push Up Notification Configuration

To have a smooth communication with your users. You can inform them about your news, promotions, discounts, etc…

Aftersales Service

Once I have delivered you the operative Web App, as you need it, I offer you 1 hour of free after-sales support to clarify any doubts you have or solve any problem.

And all your Web App is…

WordPress Web Design

Responsive Design

Fits all smartphone devices that works with Android and IOS.

WordPress Web Designer

Easy to Use

You manage all the contents of your Web App.

WordPress Web Designer

Web Tutorial

At the end of your Web App I explain in detail how it works.

Changes are challenges and sources of inspiration.

Tell me about them and I will make it your Web App.

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I design & develop your Web App for all mobile devices. You will be in the pocket of your Clients with your Web Application. Available for Android and IOS.
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