diseño tienda online wordpress woocommerce

WordPress Web SEO

diseño tienda online wordpress woocommerce

WordPress Web SEO

Do you need to improve the SEO Positioning of your WordPress Website?

If you have a Website created with WordPress or another tool, even if it is very nice and functional, if you do not have a correct SEO, it will be of little use to you …

Do you know what SEO is?

The concept of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) refers to the work of optimizing and increasing popularity.

It’s goal is for that site to be traceable by the search engines and indexed correctly.

It must be enough relevant for some or many of the pages to be shown in the first positions.

To respond to a search, the different search engines evaluate tens or even hundreds of signals from all the Websites.

This determines which are the best response to the search.

Concluding, it is about appearing in the first positions, or at least on the first page without any cost.

I am the best option for your WordPress SEO Improvement

In each project I have done I have been acquiring more knowledge about SEO positioning.

In really is a whole world.

It is not an exact science and not always 2 + 2 = 4.

There are many parameters involved and not all depend on us.

The SEO optimization of a WebSite is of vital importance.

Especially for those companies in which sales through their website is their main source of income.

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Optimización SEO WordPress WooCommerce
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What does my WordPress SEO Positioning Services include?


SEO On Page - SEO Off Page

It allows me to improve the visibility of your content or page optimizing its positioning in the organic results of the search engines.

I work the SEO On Page to improve the relevance of the web . I take care of the optimization of the keywords, loading time, UX, the code and the format of the URL’s.

I also manage the SEO Off Page to improve the popularity of the Website , increasing the number and quality of the links.

I study the presence in social networks or creating additional content adapted to raise your score in the Search Engine Ranking .

Local SEO Optimization

Through the Google My Bussiness platform and other directories I help you boost your business locally.

This allows me to optimize the positioning of your Website in your municipality.

This way, Google will prioritize you in the results of the searches when the user is close to your business.

The information that Google will display on its results screen will be much more detailed and will be accompanied by your geographical location.

With this procedure we will be indirectly favoring your physical business.


Results Report

Finally, any web positioning strategy is accompanied by an SEO results report.

I will show you the evolution of the positioning of the terms that I have previously selected and the status of your Website.

You must know that the results are not immediate; on Internet everything takes time.

What you will see in these reports are the small daily changes in the behavior of your visitors.

In this way we can correct the course towards the target destination.

2019 WordPress SEO Price List

Changes are challenges and sources of inspiration.

Tell me about them and I will make it your Website.

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