Personalizar Web WordPress

WordPress Custom

Personalizar Web WordPress

WordPress Custom

Do you want to make a WordPress Custom?

If you look on Internet you will see that there are many web pages that look a lot like each other and you are right.
Many designers and developers rely on already designed templates. It is a widespread practice, in which they simply change their content and that’s all.
There is a “boom” of designers and developers who have dedicated themselves exclusively to WordPress . It is not that it is an error or criticize it, I simply think that it is the easiest way. I think the added value is in the web customization , in the differentiating elements.
All sectors have a very strong competition. If all the web pages of the same activity resemble each other, in equality of sale prices, where do you think the user will end up buying?
It is a reality that people remember things that are different. We tend to forget monotonous things that do not stand out.
I think that without a good WordPress Web Custom that makes you differentiate from your competition, you will not get the expected result.

Do you have programming knowledge?

Thanks to my knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery I can make a Website Customization on demand.
With this I get your Website unchecked from the rest, acquiring the prominence it deserves.

I am the Designer to Customize your WordPress Website that you need

My dedication to your project is going to be absolute and I will treat it as if it were my own. I will advise you and guide you in all aspects that are necessary, with the sole purpose that the result is the one you want .
You tell me your project and how you want it to be, and I take care to put everything on your website in its place so that it is exactly as you imagine it. From your head to the largest showcase in the world.

What does my WordPress Custom Services include?

Plugins Installation

A Plugin is an accessory whose mission is to enhance the performance of the website. There are some that are free and also for payment.


Code Modification

It will be necessary to create genuine and differentiating elements from the rest of the web pages. Shocking elements that provoke reactions in your visitors.


Code Validation

Sometimes when is making a WordPress Custom may occur a conflict with the WordPress source code. I make sure to solve these incompatibilities.

2019 WordPress Custom Price List

You’re wondering, how much does a WordPress Custom costs?

Well, it does not have a concrete answer, rather it is a “depends”.

It depends on many factors.

One of them, the most important, the complexity of creating the element or the modification of an existing one.

Another factor that is very important is the number of customizations that must be made.

Both the conjugation of the two factors as if we treat them separately, makes it difficult to quantify their value.

It is for this reason that this section is not valued economically.

It will therefore be necessary to study the element or elements to be created or modified in order to be able to quantify it correctly.

And all your WordPress Website is…

WordPress Web Design

Responsive Design

Fits all devices: desktop, tablet and smartphone.

WordPress Web Designer

Easy to Use

You manage all the contents of your Website.

WordPress Web Designer

Web Tutorial

At the end of your Website I explain in detail how it works.

What does not include my WordPress Custom Services?

Domain and Hosting

I do not include the price of the domain or hosting due you choose them. If you are interested in being managed, you will need to hire my monthly maintenance service STARTER, AVANT or PREMIUM and you will also have it included.

Code Modification

No modification will be made once the Website and its functionalities have been defined and approved. All customizations that must be made later must be budgeted separately.

Content Production

Nobody knows your project and business better than you. I give you the Website with images and generic sample texts that you can easily replace yourself.

Plugins Installation

I install a good collection of Plugins related to the security and speed of your website. Surely you do not need any more, but if that is the case you can install it yourself.

Changes are challenges and sources of inspiration.

Tell me about them and I will make it your Website.

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Do you want to customize your WordPress Website I make your WordPress Custom as you like it. No restrictions to your imagionation. Let's Talk!
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