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Website Creation with WordPress

How to Design a Website with WordPress?

WordPress web design consists of planning, designing and maintaining web pages created with WordPress CMS.

Unlike the artistic design, in the design of web pages you have to have other knowledge such as the design of the user interface, web usability, graphic material design, etc.

The most important factor in creating web pages is to take into account the user experience, because it depends on whether or not our goal is met.

A website that has not had a professional web design, poorly structured or that does not provide a good user experience can cause them to abandon it and cause us a high bounce rate.

There are many more points that depend on web design, organic search engines optimization, conversion rate, etc.

What is Web Design for?

The web design serves to show potential customers on the Internet our products and services in a pleasant, easy-to-consult way.

A professional web design can also influence the conversion rate from visitors to buyers.

As you can see, web design should take in serious consideration.

Why do you need a Custom WordPress Web Design?

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Save Work, Time and Money

The large number of technicalities to learn for web design with WordPress can take a long time and in the end not get the result you want. I provide your website in less than 30 days (after I have all the data).

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Differentiated Brand Image

Your website in WordPress or online store is your image on Internet, your digital image. It must be unique to differentiate you from your competition. A bad image with a bad web design that does not identify with your business can make your online project fail.

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Fully Personalized Advice

I advise you throughout the project to get the website or online store that your business needs. For this, and because each company has its own needs, I make sure that your new website or online store covers them all.

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Updateable Website

The design of personalized web pages with WordPress allows you to add more features and functionalities as you need them. I take care to update your website or online store so that you always provide your customers with everything your business can offer them at all times.

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Complementary Services

My web page creation service in WordPress and online stores, also includes SEO and WPO optimization, and a Premium page editor valued at 89.00€. It also includes several Premium Plugins valued at up to 200.00€ to guarantee a high performance and quality website.

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Total Transparency

I am a serious web designer and I fulfill what I commit. This is my main source of income and not a hobby. I only charge for the services budgeted and provided, without additional expenses or surprises. I know that your website is something very serious and I want, and I can, help you achieve your goals.

Professional Web Design Service

Focus on your business and let me do the rest

3 reasons to choose WordPress for your Website


WordPress is the most used content manager in the world. It adapts to all your business needs: websites and online stores. It is the ideal tool for the presence of your business on Internet in a professional way.


WordPress has an easy-to-use and intuitive control panel. Through it you can manage all the contents of your website or online store autonomously, without having to see or touch programming code on any occasion.

Optimized for Google

WordPress is a software designed and developed for the optimization of SEO on page, which facilitates the work of Google’s robots to be able to correctly index all the content of your website or online store and make it more visible.

A Type of Website for Every Need

Starter Plan

My cheapest option for freelancers, small businesses and personal blogs. Creating custom web pages where you can show who you are and your services on Internet in a simplified and professional way, without having to make a high investment.

Avant Plan

My most advisable option for all types of companies and businesses that want to have a good Internet presence. With the web design tailored to this plan you can differentiate your business from your competition. You can show your services and products on Internet in a detailed and professional way.

Premium Plan

My most complete service for companies or businesses that take its Internet presence very seriously. Custom website design with which you can show all your products and services and with up 3 languages ​​so you can have an international presence. (Includes a blog for your news).

Common Characteristics in all My Webpages

My WordPress web design service has several common features in all my plans.

In addition to complying with all standards of quality in web design, user experience and usability, as standard, I have included elements that will make your website different from your competition.

Here are the benefits of hiring my WordPress web design service:

Hosting Advice

If you have not yet hired the hosting service where to host your website in WordPress, I can recommend the ones I use. If you need it, I can also handle the migration of your current website or online store to another hosting.

WordPress Installation

I install the WordPress CMS application in the hosting you indicate, an exclusive web page editor and the database of your web page that will contain all the information. I also make the most common initial configurations so that everything works correctly.

Installation SSL Security Certificate

Your website has to be safe for both you and your visitors. I install an SSL certificate for you to work with the https protocol that guarantees that your WordPress website is a secure and virus-free environment.

Web Design

I take care of all the design, development and layout of your website or online store. You will only have to provide me with the texts and graphic material that you want to appear. If you need it, I can also contribute them.

Responsive Web Design

All web pages and online stores that I design comply with the responsive design. This means that they can be viewed correctly from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Navigation Menus

Creation of a well structured navigation menu that will facilitate the navigation of visitors through your website or online store. With this you will make all the content easily accessible and with a good conversion rate.

Page Creation

I create the internal pages that your website needs. It is convenient that you have a generic idea of ​​how many will compose it, because this point is one of the most important when budgeting my work.

Auxiliary Services

I configure the email marketing tools you use, Google Analytics to monitor visits to your WordPress website and the Google Search Console to have a communication channel with Google.

Mail Accounts

I set up the email accounts you need. All of them under your domain. Forget about using @gmail or @hotmail email accounts that don’t give the professional image your business needs.

Legal Texts

Every Contry law requires that web page visitors be informed how their data will be treated. I include the standard wording of the legal texts required by the GDPR and LSSI laws, as well as the mandatory notice of cookies.

Contact Forms

To manage mass marketing campaigns by email, or periodic newsletter delivery, I help you with the design of effective forms in order to increase your number of future clients.

Resource Optimization

I make the necessary adjustments to your WordPress website to have an optimal loading speed. Both your visitors and search engines take into account the speed of loading websites.

Ready for SEO

I make sure that your WordPress website complies with all Google and W3C guidelines. Make your efforts in marketing and content creation profitable with an optimized and well positioned website.

Link to Social Networks

I include buttons with the icons of the social networks with which you want to share the contents of your WordPress website. Nowadays have a capital importance that your business is correctly linked to social networks.

After Sales Service

Once I have delivered the WordPress website as you need it, I offer you a free after-sales support service to answer any questions you may have or solve any problem that may arise.

Call me and leave your Website in My Hands

I put at your disposal a contact form where you can explain your project to me. If you prefer you can also call me or send a WhatsApp. In any case I will be happy to help you.

How I Work the Website Design?

I have a strong work system that allows me to control all phases in the creation of web pages. I explain them below in five simple steps:

01Tell Me Your Idea

First of all you contact me either through the contact form, phone or WhatsApp. In this first contact you explain me, in detail, what you need for your website.

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website design

02Quotation Submission

Once I have all your requirements and the features you want for your website, I send you a personalized quotation by email detailing all the services you have been interested in.

03Quotation Approval

Once I have sent you my quotation detailing all the features of your website it is time that you review it in detail and once verified that everything is correct you have to validate it.

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website maker

04Web Design and Development

As soon as you validate my quotation I will request all the information and data necessary to design and develop your website according to the validated quotation.

05Website Delivery

Once I have shown you the finished web page according to your requirements, I proceed to its publication on Internet to let Google correctly indexes it and is visible worldwide.

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2022 Price List of Website Creation Service with WordPress

Below you can find my plans and their prices. Choose the option that best suits your budget and needs for your website:

* Prices without VAT.

Hire a Professional WordPress Web Design!

If you want to show and sell your services and products on Internet with an efficient web page, fill in the following contact form and tell me what you need. We will talk about your new website and I will send you a quotation according to your needs.

Política de Privacidad

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I take care about the privacy of your data. Here you can see my Privacy Policy.

By sending me a message through the form, you are providing me with personal data, so my obligation is to guarantee you a good protection of them in compliance with the GDPR. Detail of its use:

  • Responsible: ​David Pérez
  • Purpose: Give you an answer to your request made through the contact form.
  • Legitimation: ​Your express consent.
  • Recipients: ​The data is stored in 10dencehispahard S.L., my hosting provider.
  • Rights: You have the right to access, rectify, limit and delete your data whenever you want.

Why You Should Contract My Website Design?

By Accessibility

I put at your disposal several ways of communication: phone, WhatsApp or email so you can contact me easily and you can explain me your project or clarify any questions you may have when carrying it out. I’m here to help you.

By Trust

Hiring any of my services, whether in web design, online stores or its maintenance, I assure you that you can always count on someone expert and trustworthy, to advise you in a personalized way, and adapting to any need your business may have.

By Knowledge

I have been designing and developing websites, online stores and App’s for many years, always using the most current tools and constantly training to be able to always offer the latest technical advances in web design and ecommerce.

By Price

I offer you my services in web design and other services necessary for its proper functioning at a very competitive price. You can centralize all the services related to your website in the same supplier.

By Experience

I provide web pages and their auxiliary services since 2005. I have worked in many projects such as your for different sectors, getting specific knowledge and a very broad view of the market.

By Flexibility

I am a small studio of design and development of web pages, online stores and App’s. I do not manage many projects at the same time to not sacrifice the personalized attention that each of my clients needs and thus be able to offer you a closer follow-up.

By Image

I work only and exclusively for your satisfaction. My web designs are moderns, intuitive and always oriented to let your visitors get a good impression of your company and want to buy your products and services.

By Security

I take care that your website and online store are always available to your customers. On Internet there are hackers and spammers dedicated to attacking online businesses and you have to have the necessary tools to protect yourself from them.

By Tranquility

I work with you your project to finish it as you want. You have a highly qualified and professional web designer, oriented to solve any doubts you may have and to provide you with the solutions that your online business needs.

You may also be interested in these other Complementary Web Services

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Everything your website needs to be always updated and works correctly.

ecommerce design

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Creation of online store where you can show and sell your products on Internet.

seo optimization

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SEO Webite is very important to be able to appear in the first results in Google.

What does NO include My Website Design?

Domain and Hosting

The price of the domain and hosting is not included in my web design service. You can hire the domain and hosting on your own or hire me to host it on one of my servers for a very competitive price.

Text Writing

No one better than you knows your business. For this reason I do not include the writing of texts. In case you need help when writing the texts of your website, tell me and I will send you a quotation for the writing of your texts.

Graphic Design

The web design service does not include the design of logos, custom illustrations or photo retouching. In case you need it, indicate it to me and I will send you a quotation for these works.

Changes are challenges and sources of inspiration.

Tell me about them and I will make it your Website.

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