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WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

Your Website OnLine in less than 30 days

Sell on Internet with a customized Website.

Do you have an idea and need a Website?

Your greatest capital are your ideas.

Today we have at our disposal the largest variety of products and services in history.

Such number of offers make us have to differentiate from others to attract their attention.

If you have a good idea maybe you are in one of these situations:


You are determined to start your own business.


Want to be your own boss.


Want to take charge of your professiona future.

Well, you’re not the first nor will you be the last one to feel that way.

Without going any further I found myself in your situation when I started a few years ago.

The most important thing, and nobody can do it for you, is to have a good idea.

In my opinion, you should focus on it and be accompanied with the right professionals to carry it out successfully .

In the case of design a Website you must choose very well because the Web Designer will give the image of your business in the largest showcase in the world.

Save time and money with a custom WordPress Web Design

Your Website is your Showcase on Internet.

We live in the visual era in which everything enters us through the eyes. A poor image of our business may cause the indifference of potential customers.

It is very possible that you have seen yourself in one of the following situations:


You want a Web Page and you do not know where to start.


You do not have the knowledge or the necessary time to dedicate it..


You have tried to create your own Website but the result is not what you expected.

Your website should be your best commercial tool. With it you must be able to attract potential customers, receive inquiries, sell and collect your products or services.

Designing and developing a useful website, which performs the tasks described above, and which attracts visitors is not easy, and is not learned in 4 days.

WordPress is an extraordinary tool that gives the end user the ability to update their content.

You can embark on the adventure of designing and developing your own website, but you may become saturated. The large amount of technical work involved requires a lot of time and dedication that you may not have or are not willing to invest.

I am the WordPress Web Designer you were looking for

I put all my knowledge and experience at your service.

The responsibility of designing your web page can not be given to anyone. It must be taken very seriously because in it you will succeed or not on Internet.

Many people who value their businesses and see how a Professional Website can help them to improve their goals, are in these situations:


You have a blog with good content but its design does not captivate your readers.


You are an entrepreneur and you need a Website to sell your products or services on Internet.


Your Website has become outdated and does not fulfill its commercial function.

Impact. Remember. Return.

All my works are governed by these 3 words:

Your website must impact: The first impression is what counts.

We must also remember: If we are not impacted, we can not remember it.

And of course, we must return: If we do not remember it, we can not go back.


WordPress Web Design process

If you decide to chose me as the Designer and Developer of your website, this will be the creation process. Throughout my career I have always followed the same work scheme:

You send me your budget request in which you detail me and tell me briefly what your project consists of.

I am in touch with you to specify all the details of the features that your Website should have.

Together we analyze your needs and value all the available tools to create your Website exactly how you want it.

I send you a personalized quote detailing all the elements and functionalities that your Website can perform.

Once your proposal has been validated, I will start Designing and Developing your Website to let
you have it online as soon as possible.

I give you your Website as you have validated it with a complete instructions manual to let you get the most out of it.

What my Services in WordPress Web Design include?

Hosting Advice

If you have not yet hired the hosting service to host your website in WordPress, I can recommend the most used with the best service rate according to a ranking and according to your needs.

WordPress Installation

I install the CMS WordPress application on your host and the database of your web page that will contain all the information. I also make the most usual initial configurations to make everything works correctly.

Theme Installation

There is a large broad catalog with many free WordPress themes for all sectors. If there is none that convinces you do not worry, I have a large collection of Premium themes.

Installation SSL Security Certificate

Your website has to be safe for you and your visitors. The SSL certificate guarantees that your WordPress Website is a safe and virus-free environment.

Navigate Menus

I create the navigation menus that your website needs to make it is easily accessible to visit. Your potential customers will value well-structured menus.

Resources Optimization

I make the necessary adjustments to make your Website in WordPress has an optimal loading speed. Both visitors and search engines have this value very much in mind.


Pages Creation

I Create and Design the pages that your web page needs. It is convenient that you have a generic idea of ​​how many are going to compose it, because this point is one of the most important to budgeting my work.


Contact Forms

To carry out massive marketing campaigns by email, or periodic newsletter delivery, I help you design effective forms in order to increase your number of future clients.

Link to Social Networks

I link your WordPress Website with all the social networks in which you have presence. Nowadays it is of capital importance that your business is properly linked to social networks.


SEO Optimization

I assure you that your WordPress website complies with all Google and W3C guidelines. Maximize your marketing and content creation efforts with an optimized and well-positioned Website.

General Services

I configure the email marketing tool that you use, Google Analytics to monitor visits to your WordPress Website and the Google Search Console to have a communication channel with Google.

Email Accounts

I create the email accounts you need. All of them under your domain. Forget about using @gmail or @hotmail email accounts that do not give the image of professionalism that your business needs.


Legal Texts

The law requires that the visitors to the Websites has been informed in how their data will be treated. I include the standard wording of the legal texts required by the RGPD and LSSI laws, as well as the mandatory notice of Cookies.

Legal Orientation

I guide you on the legal issues that all websites must comply with, if they are met, they can mean, in turn, raise from 600€ to 600,000€. Yes, you have read it well.

Aftersales Service

Once I have delivered you the operative WordPress Website, as you need it, I offer you 1 month of free after-sales support to clarify any doubts you have or solve any problem.

2019 WordPress Web Design Price List

* Prices without VAT.

And all your WordPress Website is…

WordPress Web Design

Responsive Design

Fits all devices: desktop, tablet and smartphone.

WordPress Web Designer

Easy to Use

You manage all the contents of your Website.

WordPress Web Designer

Web Tutorial

At the end of your Website I explain in detail how it works.

What does not include my Services in WordPress Web Design?

Domain and Hosting

I do not include the price of the domain or hosting due you choose them. If you are interested in being managed, you will need to hire my monthly maintenance service AVANT or PREMIUM and you will also have it included.

Code Modification

No modification will be made once the Website and its functionalities have been defined and approved. All customizations that must be made later must be budgeted separately.

Content Production

Nobody knows your project and business better than you. I give you the Website with images and generic sample texts that you can easily replace yourself.

Plugins Installation

I install a good collection of Plugins related to the security and speed of your website. Surely you do not need any more, but if that is the case you can install it yourself.

Changes are challenges and sources of inspiration.

Tell me about them and I will make it your Website.

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